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Password error, pin setting unlocking, language modification and renewal can be solved here
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PIN Setting and unlocking

1. A lock (PIN) appears on one's own number, which is maliciously set by others;
2. The sharing number is used by 5 people. We have assigned each person's number at the time of purchase. Only you can use it. We don't sell it to a second person until the expiration date.
3. We need to know how to open this and set our own locks
processing method
1. Enter the Netflix personal Center (you can copy the web address to another browser to open it, and then come back to the tutorial to do it together)
2. Click below to choose your role

3. Click the third option, which is to set the pin. You can remove it or modify it

Notre site officiel:

Ici, vous pouvez acheter, renouveler, demander le dernier mot de passe avec le temps restant, réinitialiser le mot de passe de restauration.(le renouvellement n'est possible que sur notre site Web)

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